Your Message. Magnified.

Based in Los Angeles, we work with companies of all sizes to develop as well as implement powerful communications strategies.

All of our PR specialists are former journalists – a quality that gives us an edge when it comes to getting your message out there. And because of our far-reaching experience, we specialize in Vertical Marketing – virtually guaranteeing your message will be heard in the places you want it to be heard in. No matter if you’re looking to communicate to the media, shareholders, employees or any other entity, we’ll get the word out.

The best part? Once we become your link to the media, etc., we’ll handle every need – from effective news releases to massive PR campaigns, GK has the contacts and the savvy to get your message heard, your business noticed. And although powerful and far-reaching, our campaigns are cost-effective due to our contacts in various industries and media outlets, which allows us to be direct and thrifty with our time (and your budget).

Our diverse client list includes publicly traded companies, private enterprises, not-for-profit entities as well as entrepreneurial startups.

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